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Sabrina Fair Llorens Allen is MISSING -- $20,000 Reward

Sabrina Fair Allen

Born: May 30th, 1997
Age now: 17 years old

Hair: blonde Eyes: dark blue

Height: 3' 6" (107 cm)
Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg)
   (at abduction)

Complexion: fair

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Sabrina went for a weekend visit with her non-custodial mother on April 19, 2002. She has never returned.

Sabrina and Dara were located in Mexico City in June 2003 using the names Blanca Aurora Fabian Uribe and Adriana Fabian Uribe, but eluded authorities. She had dyed eyebrows, eyelashes, and hair, cut short. Her hair color has reportedly changed several times, and she was using the nickname "Blanquita". The most recent report describes her hair as being red.

Sabrina has her ears pierced, and usually wears a small silver cross on a silver necklace. She has a mole on the outside of her right knee, and a small scar on the bridge of her nose. Sabrina is right-handed.

Sabrina's father, Greg Allen, is her Sole Managing Conservator. Sabrina has been in Daddy's primary care since before she turned three. Here is their church portrait and photos of their life together. Sabrina has many friends and a large, loving family in Austin. She is very dearly missed.

Sabrina is a friendly, outgoing child. It is reported that she is sometime distant and burdened with the secrets she is being made to keep. It is reported that Sabrina has lost weight and is suffering physically and psychologically.

Sabrina likes Barbies, bugs, dress-up, movies, Snow White, and Scooby-Doo. ("Blanca Nieves" is Spanish for "Snow White").

It is reported that Sabrina now speaks Spanish very well, and can read and write in Spanish. Sabrina was attending the preschool Tegüi in Colonia del Valle of Mexico City. Additional recent photos of Sabrina are available here.

Sabrina's abduction is well documented on the internet.

Sabrina was taken by her non-custodial mother, Dara Marie Llorens. Dara moved from her previous residence on Ochiltree Drive in north Austin, and left a false forwarding address. She has not appeared or contacted work. Friends and family members of Dara Llorens allege they do not know Dara Llorens and Sabrina Allen's whereabouts. Ms. Llorens was last seen in Mexico City on Friday, June 13, 2003.

Dara has a local arrest warrant for Interference with Child Custody and a federal arrest warrant for Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution (UFAP).

Ms. Llorens has used many other names, including: Adriana Fabian Uribe, Deena Marie Guerrero, Deena Marie Llorens, Deena Marie Lamont, Deena Marie Patel, Dara Marie Groves, Deena Marie Peterson, Deena Marie Green, Dara Marie Allen, Dara Marie Rose, Deena Aguilar.

Dara made repeated threats to flee with Sabrina, and had court-ordered supervised visitation for six months ending in July 2001. She was given the chance to demonstrate good behavior, but fled after several months. Dara's court ordered psychological evaluation indicated that she has a well-established personality disorder, and that she is likely to act in her own interest, instead of Sabrina's. Dara's motivation is not Sabrina's well-being, and Sabrina is in an unstable, dangerous situation. Parental abdution is child abuse. Dara has done many things in the past that recklessly endanger Sabrina. It is reported that Sabrina is currently suffering in her mother's care. Intelligence reports that Dara should be considered armed and dangerous.

Dara Marie Llorens

Federal and Local
Felony Arrest Warrant

Born: Jan 19, 1970

Hair: brown Eyes: brown

Height: 5' 6" (168 cm)
Weight: 100 lbs (45 kg)

Race: white/hispanic

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Dara is thin and petite. She walks with a mild limp. She has an appendix scar, a long deep scar on the back of her right knee, and scars from surgery on both achilles tendons. Dara sometimes likes to color her dark hair with a reddish tint. Dara is left-handed.

Dara works many different types of jobs, changing frequently. She has worked in clothing and shoe retail, waitressing, auto sales, jewelery sales, secretarial, child care, cake decorating, and others. She typically does not keep a job for more than six months. She worked nine different places from June 2000 until she disappeared. It is possible that Dara would work as a live-in nanny. She also may be likely to take a retail sales job. It is reported that Dara was unemployed when found in Mexico City.

Dara's court-ordered professional psychological evaluation described characteristics of several of the Cluster B Personality Disorders. These include Antisocial, Narcissistic, Borderline, and Histrionic. Dara's patterns of behavior are consistent with this assessment.

Dara had a particularly unstable and disturbing childhood. She has a history of job, financial, and residential instability. She is capable of being very charismatic and charming. She has a pattern of telling dramatic stories in an attempt to elicit sympathy from people to get their help and support. She survives on the sympathetic charity of others, and has difficulty providing for herself. Dara has a history of making false allegations, and has taught Sabrina to say some alarming things. Dara has a history of deceit and manipulation. She sometimes passes herself off as much younger than she is. Dara has expensive tastes and likes to wear black. She tends to buy nice name brands like Banana Republic or Nine West. She is typically self-destructive with spending, and has extreme debt.

Dara's Spanish is poor, and Sabrina does not look at all Hispanic. It is unlikely that they could hide in a Hispanic community without standing out.

Dara abandoned her Jeep Cherokee in Austin, and it is in the posession of her aunt in New Mexico. It is unknown whether Dara is currently driving another vehicle.

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